1886 Bane.


Comic Vote

Even now I don’t know many women who are really in to comic books. Or at least not in a way where it’s an obvious part of their everyday lives. Like, they aren’t wearing it like some kind of badge of honor. They may be just as versed as other fans, but it hasn’t consumed their identity in the same way you get with some people. Makes me wonder if that’s a function of gender, society, or some combination of factors. I can only think of one female comic fan in my limited circle with a wide scope of knowledge about American comics in general, and Marvel comics in particular. My sample size is admittedly far too small to be representative of the outer world.
My discord server is very male dominated, and I’ve always assumed that my fanbase is as well. There are only, like, 5 women who identified themselves as such on the server, although there may be secret ones. Of them I know that they all do have hobbies that they are passionate about in a similar way to male counterparts. Some hobbies that would be considered traditionally male ones. Although no one on the server has ever framed it that way in any interactions. Everyone just accepts it without question.
On the other hand a lot of the males seem to enjoy shows that skew more towards a female audience. (Although I think the creators would probably think of the shows as inclusive rather than being gender targeted) Steven Universe & Star Vs stand out in my mind as examples of this. Although this isn’t super surprising since my work is very relationship focused so it shares some qualities with those shows.
Politically the males tend to run center right to right, and the girls are generally left to far left leaning. Which has led to more than a few problems between people. Although most parties manage to remain civil inside and outside of the political channels. I do find it odd that the girls tend to lean left so much more than the males, but that may be a result of the types of women my work attracts. At least that’s my guess. It does seem a little odd that my work has attracted so many right leaning males. I’m not sure what to make of that. On some level I think that male “nerd” culture has shifted to the right in general. The strong reaction to changes in various franchises seems to have caused this perceived shift, but again that’s just a guess.
In any even I’m glad that various kinds of people can get along in the server most of the time. Hopefully the exposure will mend more fences than it breaks, but it may all go horribly awry. My intentions were good, even if I might be paving the road to hell.