1829 Pan.


I went through a bunch of stuff before picking the Toys R Us jingle. The discord crowd suggested a bunch of stuff that I swatted down, because I’m the best at comics! The best!

Toys R Us is over, and I usually don’t slap something in the comic that dates it so much, but fuck it.

I don’t know what I did to my left arm but it hurts at the spot where they always draw blood from me. Maybe I leaned on it too much in my sleep, or something. The yoga mat has made it possible to sleep on the floor longer without hurting my hip but I’m still getting a sore spot on my side from the height of my pillow, I think. I got a harder pillow for the bottom one and that with a regular pillow folded in half was enough before, but now it seem like it’s a little too much. Finding that sweet spot for sleep is always trouble.

I changed my cpap mask again, wich means I need another one for when this one fails, but the place I’m supposed to buy them from won’t answer their phone. They also deleted their website. What the fuck is wrong with these companies? It’s like they’re run by a bunch of scoundrels or something. They keep calling me to try and sell me shit, but I can’t call them. Guh. More adventures in the shitshow that is American healthcare.