1823 How Many Licks?


In case what Jo is saying on this page sounds like gibberish know then that she is referencing Homestuck. In fact she’s referencing something that isn’t even in Homestuck anymore. The line “I feel so Caucasian!” was changed to “I feel Peachy!” because Homestuck fans are very precious about skin tone. Since Jess & Jo are both fans they already know this, & Jo finds the original line funnier for all the sorts of reasons that people find edgy humor funny.

My 42nd birthday is on the 20th, much like every other year so far. I believe that makes the comic 12 years old. As it’s the closest thing to a child I’m likely ever to have I am compelled to make note of it. If you wish to present me with offerings I have hidden a link to a whishlist somewhere in the post. I’m in one of these boxes Hal, find me!