1811 Bomb Rush Blush.


I’m almost over my cold. It’s down to just clogging my throat at this point, but I can’t quite manage coughing anything up because it’s not substantive enough. It’s just like a coating that’s making it harder to breathe, but can’t be shifted. It makes it hard to sleep because when I use my cpap it feels like I’m not getting nearly enough air, but if I don’t use it I can’t go all the way to sleep. The problem is that it makes my sleep time shift from being up in the day to sleeping in the day as I lose more and more effective waking time.
When it’s just me at home there’s no particular reason to get up at any specific time because I don’t go anywhere and I can do all my stuff any time I’m awake. Which also adds to my time shifting. I’ll stay up a little later every night just to do one more thing… Even though I know better. With this page I redrew Reggie’s heads twice because I fucked them all up yesterday. If I had just gone to bed I would probably have only done it right the first time.

Anyway, with a little luck maybe I’ll go back too feeling better like I was for a few days there.