1787 Maybe Baby.


To those of you who have anonymously sent me gifts I say thank you very much. You are far too kind. To skunkboy, the same but I have a name to use so I will. I don’t recognize it as a regular username, so maybe you usually lurk around or go by something else. Regardless, I appreciate the gift. It’s surprising that even in these troubled financial times people will give so easily. Maybe it’s better in other places, but the people in my little circle are all struggling, so maybe my perception is skewed.

Right now I’m so tense all over my body that I’m miserable. There is no way I can sleep that doesn’t hurt in some way when I wake up. My jaw hurts from having to keep my mouth open all night because of the cpap mask. I think it’s causing my ears to get inflamed all day. Usually my allergies get better in the winter, but not so far. It’s so dry you can smell dust in the freezing cold air all the time. It coats everything in a fine grit every morning. I’m no fan of snow, but enough to put the dust down would be useful. he fact the dogs like dirt baths doesn’t help since they bring it in and roll around on everything. In spite of having many, many, warm, comfortable options they all want to sleep in my closet blanket pile. There’s just not enough room for 5 dogs and me in there. They are so warm that if they gather all up on me in the night I wake up sweating from dog warmth. It’s a wonder they ever get cold.