1712 Blood For The Blood God.


This happened because I was eating a sandwich and thought the jelly looked artificial.

I usually watch youtube on my PS3 and it’s not a very good user interface. It’s kind of like TiVo used to be in a way because it tries to guess what you want to watch over time. The phone app is similarly bad. Right now youtube is convinced I’m a gay, men’s right’s activist, who loves sargon of Akkad, Jim sterling, and Disney theme parks. It also thinks I’m potentially alt right. It was trying to shift that way for a while but after I accidentally fell asleep and it was playing the Jimquisition all night one night it went ahead and made the call. I admit that I’m a hard guy to read. I bounce about from topic to topic and research both sides of an argument so that has to be confusing to an algorithm. But I also feel like it should maybe make some guesses based on my subscriptions too. I recognize that this is not a huge problem to have, but I think I’m getting radicalized by these particular content creators.

I don’t hate Jim Sterling. I don’t love his persona, but I do find some of his content interesting in spite of him. I also feel like he has done some good in his arena, so points to him. I found the gaming historian via his sidebar so that was at least worth the rest of the nonsense.