1691 Always Sonny.


I fell asleep when I was gonna write something here.

I got woken up enough that I can’t go back to sleep now. So let me talk a little about the health care thing.

The affordable care act was far from perfect. It failed to address a lot of problems and created others. The new thing is largely the same in different ways. You can debate the ins and outs of that till you pass out. I know that my rates tripled because of the ACA. Insurers have fled my state because of it. My rates aren’t showing any signs of dropping under the new regime. Who knows how this whole thing will play out. The problem is that the people who typically buy my ad space are terrified and not spending like they used to. Public perception is that the sky is falling when it’s really doing the same things it always does with a new cast. That’s my biggest problem with everything right now.

No one can trust anyone else because no news source has enough integrity to actually be above it all anymore. Every outlet has clear bias or at the very least obvious conflicts of interest. It is a time of chaos because society is trying to decide how to cope with news never stopping, and actual news not making money. Fear kills the economy. Real or imagined threats stifle spending, and I can track it with my advertising numbers. Never more so than now. That is not a fun thing to watch.

Trump just fired the director of the FBI. I shudder to think what sort of effect that will have on my bottom line for this month. It’s total fucking chaos all the time anymore. It’s up close with the people I’m related to and it’s out in the world all the time now, and it’s exhausting…