1684 Sister Sister.


Damn Nina, way to bring down the room.

I did some character popularity poll on Patreon. Here’s one. And here’s the other. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this data, but I saw that I could make polls and wanted to try it.

So I finally beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. It actually didn’t take very long because I was way overprepared. Everyone made it sound so dangerous, but I pretty much just arrowed it to death after arrowing it’s little crystals. That was pretty fun because the archery in Minecraft is fun. There’s not usually a reason to target something really far away, so it was a fun challenge. I finally allowed myself to try the creative mode, which is fun, but without the element of danger I lose focus a lot faster. But it will be usefull to test redstone stuff before I try to make it in a survival world. I think i’ll try to make a haunted house someday.

Also the teen isn’t moving back in with us. For now. Maybe. Who fucking knows.

Update: her trailer was broken into, but all they stole apparently was her huge tv.