1682 Aim For The Middle.


Generally speaking aiming for center mass is the safest option when shooting for something. The top tends to be a much smaller target. Be reasonable about where you aim doesn’t make for a very good motivational poster though. That said it would be hilarious to see a series of them.

“Someone has to be the foundation”
“The world needs ditch diggers too.”
“Being number one puts a target on your back.”
“Good enough gets the job done.”
“First place doesn’t mean anything without a runner up.”

When I was in middle school there was a drawing contest for the school mascot and I entered because I was, essentially forced to. I ended up winning because they didn’t force anyone else… That was the first time I truly understood how empty victory is if there isn’t an opponent, but also that you miss all the swings you don’t take. Also, even when done quietly, it is glorious to bask in the failure of your enemies.