1677 Ramon.


I decided to pull the trigger on his first name anyway. I haven’t seen my friend Ramon in years, so as soon as I thought of it my heart was kind of set anyway.

Okay, so I made a general reader Discord server just to see how many people will join. If it isn’t many I might just converge the two. Let’s just see how things play out. I expect the same level of courtesy there as in the comments here. The only rule is don’t be a dick, unless it’s really really funny. LINK

For those of you who don’t know, Discord is a chat client that is free and isn’t choked with adds and annoying shit like Skype and everything else. LINK You can use it in browser, or download it to all your devices. It’s pretty straightforward. I wouldn’t be able to use it if it wasn’t, so you can rely on that.