1607 Dang.


The original text for this was more wordy, but I felt like it didn’t match their relationship. I feel like this perfectly encapsulates what needs to be said without saying it.

I just want to talk about these two, but it’s more fun to do it in the comic. Makes me wish I could make pages faster though.

Good lord I’m tired. I really want to type more stuff but I also want to sleep. Maybe I can sleep a little before the page goes up…

Well, I tried to lay down, felt bad when I did and got back up. I’m still super tired, but apparently I’m not allowed to rest. What my problem is I don’t know. It feels like maybe my back is out. I used to be able to make it go back in by stretching but that doesn’t work anymore. I want to lay down so bad but as soon as I do I want to get right back up. What do I need to do to fix this… Sometimes I feel like if I figured out some specific combination of exercises I could fix this every time it happens, but nothing works. I always end up having to just let it run its course. All the combinations of sleep surfaces have been tried. Soft mattress, hard, and mostly the floor. For a couple of months I’ve only been able to sleep wedged between the bed and a pile of crates so I don’t lean too far either way in my sleep. It’s excruciating sometimes, but sometimes it’s not. I don’t know why it’s okay one day and not the next. Sometimes it hurts my hips sometimes it’s perfectly okay. It makes no sense. It seems like my body just randomly does stuff to piss me off half the time anymore.
I actually kind of want to make a little bed for myself that has two planks on either side of my torso. Like a taco holder, or a toaster kind of. I could put a pillow on either side and it would take up a fourth of the space my current setup does. The planks can’t go the length of my body because I need to be able to rotate out. I also bend my legs in my sleep sometimes. so they have to be free to kick around. I’ve actually put a fair amount of thought into this. I’d need some kind of thin bedding because I need a buffer between my hips and the plank. Foam won’t work because it molds to my shape too much. I think it would have to be some kind of thin pillows I could rotate so they wouldn’t get smashed down too much all the time. I was using down pillows at one point in my makeshift bed but after 3 days they were crushed to the point of feeling like the floor. The polyfil pillow was too fluffy all the time. it made me feel like it was pushing me up constantly. I need an in between those two things.
One of the problems with sleeping on my side is that my shoulders are wider than my body by a lot. So as I relax they fold in half and it has messed up my ribcage, In fact, I think my sternum might be permanently damaged. It’s alsmot always inflamed now. I can feel the one rib that isn’t sitting right anymore. It’s the third one down from the top. maybe second. my collar bone makes it hard to count for sure.

I got distractred and forgot what I was tsalking about. Anyway I need to stop thinking and… I don’t know. Something.