1567 Another Nut.


Reggie has never been super in to other people’s nonsense. Like most people he can see the foolishness of others, but lacks a level of self awareness that allows him to see his own. Even in this time of hyper self awareness in popular culture very few people achieve a level of it that becomes truly enlightening. I wish I could say that I have, but I can’t. Even though I’m pretty highly tuned to that sort of thing I still have blind spots in my own awareness of self. Wes is a very traditional kind of man. Self involved in a way that borders on sociopathy. He’s more aware of himself as his image affects other people. A chameleon of sorts. Being whatever he needs to be for whatever situation he’s in. He’s not as good at it as he thinks though, since even Reggie, who is also pretty self involved, can pick up on his disingenuous behavior. Of course he’s not the way he is for no reason, but we’ll get to that in time. Right now Reggie just wants Wes to stop fouling the workspace with his romance. A desire that isn’t lost on Wes…

My sister had her baby today apparently. I’m very pleased for her, her husband, and my parents, since it was looking like there wasn’t ever going to be a grandchild out of either of us. As far as I know it’s a healthy baby. This is an important enough occasion that even my father will take a day off to meet the new member of the family. That may sound obvious, but you have to understand that my dad almost never stops working for any reason shy of a tragedy. So for a change it’s getting to meet a new baby, which is one of the few things in the world he loves. Kids are terrified of my dad, so he only gets to enjoy them before they develop the innate fear of seriousness that most kids do.
I honestly can’t properly express how happy I am for everyone. This was one of those one in a million chance babies that we thought was never coming. Our family is no longer an evolutionary cul-de-sac.