1553 Pennies For The Dead.


Money can’t buy happiness, but it sure as fuck can rent it.

I’ve been listening to videos about attractions that no longer exist at various amusement parks. It’s weird because I remember seeing shows about some of them when I was little, but I’ve never been to them and just sort of assumed they existed forever. Since they don’t interest me I never thought about it. The story of the evolution of the rides is interesting though. The thing is, these stories are a really perfect example of how history works. For a lot of those old attractions there’s no clear video, or even accurate photographs. They exists as stories and will eventually be legends more than anything. The Country Bear Jamboree is a great example. Even as someone who never went to Disneyland I was aware of the country bears because Disney was such a huge deal on TV. It’s been gone for over a decade. Even before that it had been altered twice, so the original experience was lost before then. That whole thing is just a weird memory now.
There are people who document stuff like the evolutions of Disneyland now. Really dedicated people. And there are people who collect the parts and sell them to collectors and stuff. It’s like a small scale version of how archeology works.

I also came across a story of a girl who was killed at one of the attractions which I though was just a legend, but it actually happened. I think it was called America Sings. Anyway, the stage would move and she was supposed to stay in a chair when it did, but she used to gambol about and see how long she could wait until she had to step back. One day she misstepped apparently and her head was caught by the mechanism and crushed in front of a crowd of guests. Her parents tried to sue but the witnesses said she had been out of her seat when it happened, which was not what she was supposed to do, so they got a small settlement. Anyway the designer of the ride blamed himself for her death regardless. I have to say it does strike me as a design flaw, but whatever. You can look it up. It’s listed in all the stuff about America Sings. It happened, like, nine days into the opening and the stage was redesigned to break away if anything similar happened. The stories differ by the source, which is also how legends change over time.

In any case it’s interesting to watch since I haven’t been able to find any good documentaries or anything recently. The Disney stuff has that feel of learning something even if it is oftentimes pointless information.

The amount of deaths inside the parks aren’t abnormal for an amusement park, but they are almost all gruesome and freakish. Generally the cause is the victim’s stupidity.

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I’m back again peeps. although I still don’t have much to say considering I have zero life. I went to my brothers for a weekend and it ended terribly because we got into a fight. shocking. I ended up coming home early. I went and tried to do some more senior pictures which ended with me falling out of a tree I tried to climb into and I’m covered in bug bites that are giannt and terribly itchy so that was productive. other than that i’ve been binge watching orange is the new black and finished it about an hour ago. I made a coconut cake from scratch for fathers day which was a pretty tasty success although it was a rough day in the beginning. oh and i broke up with my boyfriend of almost a year. I know my life is so interesting. my mind is still pretty set on thinking about how I’m going to have to adult soon. I even made a list on amazon of things I’m going to need to buy for my place when I move out. yes this really is what I’m wasting my summer doing. its sad really.