1503 Bustenhalter.


These pages have never really been stand alone jokes. Some of them do work without context, but I’ve been making a continuous story from the off. I title them for the archive, but they aren’t very helpful.

I know a few foreign words for boobs, and boobs related things, as the comic title suggests.
I heard bustenhalter on an episode of Are You Being Served. I’m sure of the exact definition of some of the words, like oppai. As far as I know it has something to do with boobs, but I’m not sure if it’s the official Japanese word for boobs. Décolletage has something to do with boobs, I think, and is French, I think. I know all this stuff because it interests me and I have a lot of well read friends who also like boobs. I’ve learned a lot of this from perv osmosis. I know many very talented perverts. In case you weren’t aware, all artists are pervs. The louder they deny it, much like republicans, the worse they are. I’d much rather associate with a chill perv than a super successful straight arrow.
In a related thought, the Venn diagram of furries and perverts is almost just a circle. the people outside the almost circles are fucking tedious though. People who are just furries are annoying because they just want to be anthopamorphic animal people. To the point of it being their whole identity. That’s fucking tedious. You need to have more to your life. Mix around with the normal from time to time. The only perverts are no fun because you can’t talk about Doctor Who with them. It all comes back to pervertitude, and that gets old. You need balance in your life is what I’m saying.