1462 Mismatched Pair.


Reggie is less surprised than Jess just was, but still surprised. That counts for something, right?

My Reflet Amiibo showed up. Late, because of the snow, but better late than never and all that. I had to wait a long while before I could test him out. His powers in Codename Steam are fantastic. He has an extremely long range fireball that can break some structures. From a high point he becomes a very effective sniper. There’s no knockback to it though, so if you need an enemy moved you have to either kill it or find another way. Two shots kills most enemies. In addition to that he has a Levin sword that stuns enemies… apparently. I’ve never used it because the fireball is so useful. He also makes the whole team’s critical attacks more effective. He is the best Fire Emblem character so far, although Ike and Marth are both extremely useful.

Dangit. I have a nosebleed. I’ll have to cut this short. This might be the first nosebleed I’ve ever had. I have no memory of ever having one before. How fun.

Okay, that wasn’t too messy. It seems to have sorted itself out. This area is just so dry all the time. Hopefully that won’t be a regular thing.