1459 Cat And Mousey.


I like all my characters, even the shots, like Wes, for various reasons. With Jessica it’s because she has very few fucks to give in a metaphorical sense, but a lot to give in a literal sense. She’s like Thomas in a lot of ways, except that she’s not as motivated by fear. She manipulates people for fun, and without malice. In that way she is very catlike. Her life is a lot of weaving between legs and knocking shit off of shelves, just because it’s there. She runs hot and cold on her own terms, and you’re just as likely to get the claws because she’s mad for you as you are if she’s mad at you. If I had to pin it down right now I’d say she’s chaotic neutral. Her motivation is almost always pleasure and she derives pleasure in many ways. Whatever regrets she may have they are not because she was unwilling to try something. It would be very hard to be with her but the ride would be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

I’ve been training amiibos while I work. Now that I have the NFC reader I can use my 3DS, so I don’t have to worry about overusing the WiiU. My Mia amiibo are Nina, Reggie, and Jo. They’ve been trained by my other level 50 amiibo. Reggie doesn’t seem to have learned to fight correctly. He’s a gunner but he always tries to punch his way to victory. I’m not sure what to do about that. Nina and Jo can consistently defeat Little Mac, Fox, and Duck Hunt, who are my best regular amiibo. Reggie just hops around and tries to pistol whip them. Can an amiibo still learn after it’s reached level 50? He was actually more successful when he was at level 30 and still shot his gun. I wonder what the heck I did…