1452 The Way It Is.


These two have got it bad.

I’ve been basically single for the entire run of this comic. A little longer than that actually. It gets to a person after a while. I keep thinking that I should do something about it, but I never do. What little security I have is founded on my ability to make this comic and in my experience relationships are time bombs waiting to go off. But still, being alone constantly has degraded me. My interest in life in general has decreased little by little. My hope in any sort of non tragic future is pretty low. At some point I’ll have to do something about it. I don’t know exactly what that would be. I’m in a situation similar to Mike’s. Living in America’s armpit is not conducive to dating success for someone like me. There is nothing, and no one, to do around here. As far as I know anyway. I haven’t really ever been anywhere around here except for stores. If there were anyplace else worth knowing about I feel like I would already. In any case the door to a happy future is creaking shut. I need to find something to wedge in there for a bit longer.

Tangentially related, the Teen has been bugging me for an Xmas list because she wants to get a jump on it this year and help out mom. The problem is that I don’t like things anymore. Not things that you can just send someone out after at any rate. I don’t really buy movies much anymore because I don’t want to see most of them more than once. Amiibo are hard enough for me to find, the last time she tried to buy me something along those lines she fell just shy of what I actually wanted. I buy most comics as downloads if I buy them at all. I preorder the physical copies to lock in the extra low prices at Amazon before the regular listing goes up. Basically everything I still like in the world is something you have to really know what you’re doing to procure. Except for Legos. You can pretty much buy the same sets over and over and it makes no difference. Especially with the Minecraft stuff. So that’s what my list is looking like at the moment. Sets with parts I like. I’m also throwing in ridiculously expensive transformers no one will ever by me. Even myself. I really like the Masterpiece ones, but they are too expensive for me to get them.

I don’t know though, I feel like I should like more things, or care about more stuff. Maybe I care about the right amount of things and I’m just too close to see it now.