1444 Body Wise.


Reggie is not in to boy talk.

Sometimes, after I take my daily medicine, I have a weird spasm that happens kind of in my tummy area. It feels like my insides shift, or drop, and I get dizzy and hot. It onlt lasts for a few seconds, and doesn’t happen every time. The first time it happened it triggered a bad panic response because I was just leaving the bathroom and suddenly felt like I was going to fall over. I spent most of the day recovering from the trauma of the panic, and felt weak for a few days. The second time it happened I was laying in bed because I was not sleeping at a regular time because of the sleep mask. The panic response was just as strong and I spent the same length of time recovering from it. The next time I just let it happen and didn’t allow myself to freak out. It wasn’t fun, but I was over feeling bad by the next day or so. It still doesn’t feel right, but I don’t completely melt down over it which is what is really hard on my body. It happened again today. I didn’t freak out but it did make me feel bad on top of not feeling right from my back being sore and other problems I’m having. I eventually just laid down on the floor and went to sleep, without my mask on, for the better part of the day. I just got up to write this post and decided to talk about this because it’s a big part of what’s keeping me from working like normal.

I did two days worth of work last night, around 3 AM till 8 or so AM. I was feeling pretty good and knew I needed to take advantage of it. On Tuesday I have a doctor’s appointment. I wish it was sooner because I feel bad. I hurt all over at the moment. I really want to start feeling better, so I can get on with my life.

I’ve also developed some kind of problem with my left hand. Like, a tendon or something on the back, where it meets the wrist is hard and sore. My right hand doesn’t even seem to have this part. I guess it must be from sleeping on it funny, or holding my surface for hours at a stretch. or maybe both, I don’t know. If I press on it the whole hand are a feels fuzzy, so maybe it’s a nerve? It’s not like it’s super painful, but I notice it sometimes and don’t want it to become a problem. The wrist doesn’t feel right on that side. It feels a little swollen. Just enough to notice that it’s off. Just another thing I need to discus with the doctor. I really hope it’s cold on Tuesday. I can stay mobile a lot longer when it’s cold and the office is an hour away.

I also decided to buy Mario Maker since Splatoon gets me so riled up I can’t play it when I feel sick. It’s pretty neat. I’ve seen some amazing stages… and some really terrible ones. The one I made is pretty simple, since I didn’t have time to tinker very much, but you can do lots of tricks to get extra guys. It’s a pretty chill “game” most of the time so I can play it as I nod off. I also unlocked all the amiibo I have including some of my Animal Crossing cards, which was surprising. I tried them on a whime and some of the special cards worked. I want to make a level where Tom Nook gets all the coins. XD