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Jo recovered quicker than they expected.

I saw some of those new Star Wars toys at the store. They made some cheap ones for kids that don’t have the massive articulation that they have tended to in recent years. I have to say the lack of quality is pretty obnvious, but for kids it’s a decent trade off. I got a storm trooper because they always look cool. His head was basically so loose it would just spin if you flicked it. I stuck some poster tack in the joint and that sorted it out. It came with this shitty cannon that you can combine with the action features of other figures in the line to make a really big shitty cannon. honestly I think knocking off 3 more bucks and just selling more figures is the way to go, but what do I know? The toy is still pretty cool in spite of the simplicity. It has a place to stick the blaster when not fighting. Which sounds mundane, but that was a huge deal when I was little. Guns had to be set aside to get lost back in the day. Anyway, I really like the look of the new storm troopers. If they are good guys they don’t exactly look that way. I’m still hesitantly optimistic about the new films.

Teen Corner
the teen is back bitches! just kidding, sorry for not posting the last few days ive just been tired and out of words to say. I didn’t have volleyball practice today which was kinda nice but its back to practice tomorrow yay. our junior varsity team won both there games today so I’m pretty happy about that. I’m on C team, my first game is Monday which is also my birthday. so I’m hoping for a win. this Saturday is my sleepover party I’m pretty stoked. we’re having a icecream sunday bar,cupcakes. popcorn balls and other treats that will lead to diabetes I have a history quiz tomorrow and then a Spanish and math quiz the next day, as you can tell clearly I’m thrilled about this…NOT.i honestly thought I had more to say but I’m finding myself short on topics here..school is pretty boring really nothing new going on. I have therapy Thursday which is very much needed I feel I may explode feelings everywhere. I’ve been at odds with some of my friends and am just tired of feeling left behind but I’m getting over it. one of my friends decided to let her boyfriend take her phone and lecture me about how much I suck which was so uplifting for me once again knowing I’m thought of as incredibly awful. teenagers I swear…ha anyways I’m looking forward to therapy which is suprising for me. me and Jackie are watching rick and morty and there is currently a half abrham linkin half Adolph hitler person fighting a black guy, not trying to be racist its just funny and random. seriously the weirdest show ever well besides happy tree friends. now I’m just rambling.. guess its time to say goodnight I’m out of in teresting thoughts night interweb peeps