1411 Tummy Time.


I watch a lot of random stuff while doing the comic. Of course, when I say watch I mean listen to. It was Game Grumps at one point, ASMR sometimes, ghost stories, etc. It changes over time. Eventually I hit on yoga videos. The reason I like them basically is the same as Bob Ross, or ASMR. They tend to be people speaking softly in a calming way. I even tried a little and decided that it was a low impact enough exercise that Carol would like it. It fits her former dancer persona. I suspect she might also do tail chi. Of course she does the in her own way, basically minus the magical horseshit that people ascribe to the practices. Also she’s not a very good teacher. She lacks a certain amount of patience and empathy which shows in her work as well. Being a manager is similar to being a teacher in many ways and I think its pretty clear from past events that she is not a good manager. She lets anger and arrogance take control too easily. She’s good at her job, but not as good as teaching it to others or inspiring them. With Mike and Ed she got lucky and managed, in spite of herself to make friends. With Reggie and Wes she made enemies. One could do worse than a fifty percent success rate, but it’s hardly ideal.
Hopefully Thomas will temper those flaws and also benefit from them. He lacks many of the positive aspects of Carol’s flaws. Passion, for example. He’s directionless. He doesn’t commit himself to his job. Which is not to say that you should be a slave to work, but Carol takes pride in doing her job well. Even if you are unsatisfied with your job it’s good to take pride in the work you do. I know that can seem like opposing views, but that’s being human for you, right?

I tried to go to the store yesterday, but didn’t get very far. Even after dark it was so hot out I almost instantly started to run down. Since I haven’t been able to buy petrol I decided to cut my losses before I ran too low to get to town eventually. The closest fuel station just changed hands, so I don’t know how well the self serve pumps are working. I know the card readers inside are messed up still. Apparently they are trying to work through all the problems, but there were a lot left over from the previous owners. This doesn’t surprise me. The place was always sort of falling apart. They have their work cut out for them. Unfortunately for me this makes the location an unknown quantity for a while.

My leg is looking pretty normal till you get to the ankle. From there down its still healing. It swells if I’m on it for very long, or upright at all really. All I have to do is elevate it and the blood rushes back out though. It still has an effect on my blood pressure though. I can stay on it for thirty minutes or so without sitting, if I’m cool, but anything much past that and I have to get it elevated. In the heat it’s almost instantly too much and I have to retreat. Even in a relatively well cooled store like Gamestop I can’t last long, and once the feeling hits it hits hard and I have to rest. The recovery time for being upright in the heat is a lot longer too. My body tries to trick me by feeling fine for a few minutes then it just goes into a spiral and I have to quickly try to Harrison Ford it onto a golf course.

I’m pretty sick of not being able to travel on my own terms, although it keeps me from driving into town for junk food. I don’t like the feeling of being trapped, but I like not having to take the Teen places when she has some ridiculous whim. Pros and cons.

As instructed here is the go fund me link. I want to give a huge thanks to the people who have given so much, especially the most recent anonymous donation that was so huge. I hope I am successful enough someday to throw down that kind of bank for the unfortunate. The generosity I’ve been shown is amazing. I may not have the most readers on the web, but your quality is second to none.