1354 Blue Ears.


This is absolutely Reggie in his element. When confronted by a perceived threat his wheels start turning. we know, of course, that things don’t always go his way in these moments, but they are the purest expression of his personality. The difference here is that he is in a situation where he is not as emotionally invested in certain aspects of it, and that makes him less likely to make emotional choices that could result in mistakes. He’s also had one woman openly throw herself at him, which can’t have hurt his confidence level. Evrina doesn’t have a clear idea of who she’s up against. In some ways that could be unfortunate for Reggie too. As we all know he forgets himself and easily goes over the line. The real danger for Reggie, in this situation as in many others, is himself.
I really like how in this moment, where they are both in a new situation, John and Reggie pull together in spite of being somewhat adversarial in work settings. The devil you know and all that. Of course John has never been as opposed to Reggie as some of the cast.

A few of you wanted to see the fursona comics I did of Alex and Evrina. I can’t remember how they are posted on FA, so I just stuck them in the tumblr I made for her a few years ago.
By the time these were made I already had a pretty clear idea of what their personalities were, the group dynamic, and their backstories. It was a while before I decided that I wanted to make them “real” characters. Alex started as an outlet for ideas that didn’t fit in the comic, and a way to draw something other than comic related stuff. It could be argued that she is my fursona, although I don’t see her that way really. The problem was that she was such a compelling character that I didn’t want her to languish in obscurity forever. Slowly, the ideas for Alexandria Of The Library began to congeal into a sort of Lucky Star style tale of a group of female friends, with virtually no male interaction. I also started treating the stories as things that the comic version of Alex was creating for her friends, and attention. (Which is a driving force for anyone who is going to be into cosplay, if we’re honest.) There are also some passive aggressive things about Alex eating bunnies because there was a thing about fat bunnies taking over FA a couple of years ago, and she wasn’t having that. Or rather she was having that… for dinner. Anyway, it’s all very meta. Furry Alex is obsessed with sweets, as is her “real” self, but she has the advantage of cartoon logic on her side. Cartoon and “real” Evrina are also critical of their respective Alex’s weight and eating habits. Alex’s furry world is more of a mirror of her actual world than it would be for most people.
Generally fursona’s are complete departures from the reality of the creator because, as I’ve said before, most furries hate their reality. As a wealthy, white, educated, woman there’s not as much reason for Alex to long for an unreality.
Maddison and Alex on possessions.
Alexandria’s first Halloween debacle.
Alex’s second Halloween adventure.
If I had made similar pages for the other furries they would have to be very different because their experience in that community would be very different from person to person. Of course since the furaffinity page started as simply my own page it’s not a clear delineation between the stuff with Alex and the stuff that is me. If I had been thinking further ahead I might have done that. I would have seemed very smart indeed if I had. XD
Anyway, there is also one more comic featuring Alex and Evrina’s furry selves, but I did it for the second Muffintop anthology. Technically I’m allowed to publish it however I like, wherever I like, but undercutting the sales of the book would be a dick move, so I’ll just provide a link. It’s no longer than the others, and the rest of the compilation has wildly varying stories in terms of, tone, subject matter, and artistic skill. Consider that a friendly warning. Physical copy. Digital copy.