1343 Self Loathing.


I always suspected that Minecraft would be a perfect game for me, which is why I never played it. I could tell I would get obsessed. Which is exactly what has happened. To my credit I have only played during my predetermined game times, but if I were a lesser being I would just play it till I couldn’t anymore. Eight or nine years ago this game would have ruined my life.

I made a test world to get the hang of things, and that went alright. I got a lot of iron and had armor and stuff. I even killed the first enderman I ever attacked. Unfortunately I got lost in a cave and died of starvation. That taught me the value of clearly marked tunnels. Luckily I didn’t save and managed to get out on my second try.

I built a tower to the sky at my first spawn point. It’s tall enough that you can see it from almost anyplace on the map. At least as far as I know. I’ve only been to the edges where the sea starts, or places where the landscape changes.

I have thought about jumping from it a few times. Just to see what it’s like.

There is a giant lake near the tower, so I decided to mine under it. basically I mine under everything I build. So I also die under everything I build. Very circle of life.

Anyway, I made a second world to take knowledge from the first one into. I started by building my new home on top of a mountain like a hobbit. then I cut down all the trees that obscure the view of my land. Then I stood atop my castle and laughed! I don’t know how to raise animals, so I have a pig that wandered into my fencing. I had others but one day they were just gone. So clearly I am not good at farming.

I’ve only looked up a very tiny bit of stuff online because muddling through has been fun. I’m about to look up stuff about animals though because that isn’t working.

Return Of Teen Corner.

hello interweb peoples have you missed me? you probably expect me to have a lot to say because I’ve been so busy but I got nothing lol I went to therapy the other day which was fine. my friends have kind of been jerks lately. I’ve been sick and I haven’t been sleeping worth crap. I have make up work to do because I missed 2 days of school. which sucks but ill make it. I’ve barely left my bed lately but today I managed to eat and not throw up so threes a plus. Jackie has been half decent he bought me sprite and 7 up which made me happy and he been helping me study for upcoming tests well kind of. we aren’t very productive together and I don’t have the energy to do much because I just want to sleep and watch 90210 which is pretty entertaining really. its packed full of drama and no one has died yet. I go back to school tomorrow which I’m honestly looking forward to hopefully it’ll improve my mood a little. I’m not going to lie I feel really depressed lately land I have just been wallowing but I’m done with that. I have to read all quiet on the western front for world history and I am not loving it its very boring to me and the sucky part is ill be tested on the reading material weekly. oh joy…im hoping for a great day tomorrow wish me luck peace out peeps.