1320 Occurrence.


Thanksgiving was good, in spite of a shaky start. Everyone showed up eventually and it was nice. I don’t really have anything else to say about that.

My State Of Decay Breakdown save file got corrupted, which sucks because I was about to implement my master plan to mass produce mines, silencers, and medicines. I also had Doc Hansen, Pastor Will, and Maya in the community. The first two have great powers you can activTe with influence points. Maya is just a good lookout and sniper. I also had a C that could call in ground troop to help you. I forget his name.

I really hate the “only one save” thing that has become the norm I modern games. Once the file is dicked its dicked for good.

I started over again, but I wasn’t as I to the new team as the previous one.

Teen corner
Hey peeps hope you had a happy thanksgiving!! Not gonna lie I wasn’t that happy with mine but I’ll live. I’m super tired and full of pie and currently have the hiccups. Which is pretty annoying. I’m ready to go home and sleep and enjoy my break from school but I do have biology homework and world history homework that must be done at some point sadly. But guess what I only have 3 weeks of school then Christmas break yaaaayyy!!!! Then I get presents and get to give them which I love. I can’t wait to see what Santa brings this year. Anyways I went Black Friday shopping for a little bit it was crowded and annoying so I left with 2 gifts. So not much to tell about my day. I hope you people had a great day anyways tired so time to go home and sleep #teenout