1317 What Do You Think?


The kid has an appointment tomorrow out of town. Se wanted a friend to come along for whatever reason, so that friend is staying the night. Otherwise they’ll have to get up at an insane hour, retrieve the other kid, then drive another hour in the other direction. I don’t intend to go on this little outing. The truck is not comfortable with 3 people in it and 4 is nearly unbearable. Also, the Teen turns into a bossy lunatic in the presence of this particular kid. My temper is barely in check right now and I’m not sure I can handle a day of that version of her. Additionally, I need to get my projects sorted. I’m almost finished with a commission and I’m about 50% done with my contribution to an anthology. If I can get next week’s pages done it would really help. If I get one done tomorrow, and ink some more pages, I should be finished with everything just as December rears its ugly head.

I’m not reminding her that tonight is a posting night. Last time she came in here with a friend it was an irritating mess. I don’t feel like having my space savaged tonight. It already looks like a disaster. I hope those of you who enjoy her mad ramblings can endure a weekend without. Maybe if she’s in a calm mood later on tomorrow I’ll let her tell you about her adventure. For now, however, I’m going back to work. See you in the comments.