1272 Legit.


There’s a storm a brewin’ outside. Hopefully it’ll pass about the time I want to take the Teen out to dinner. It looks like it will, but you never know. I’m not much for driving in anything harder than a drizzle.
I told the teen to plug in anything she needed charged because the power grid is so shit here you never know when a very minor thing will knock the power out for hours. Since she’s deathly terrified of the dark it’s good to have things ready to make light and entertainment.

I’ve nearly overtaken the Toonami showing of One Piece in the manga. I just got to the start of Water 7, which introduces my favorite character a little before the end, I assume. Sogeking! Technically he’s not another character, he’s an alter ego Usopp comes up with so he can help the crew after having a big fight with Luffy. It’s probably the funniest part of the anime and the manga. At least to my knowledge. I’ll try to explain to you exactly why I love Sniper King so much.

He has a theme song for starters. It’s a parody of old Japanese super hero themes and the various versions reference a lot of stuff you see in Japanese shows and movies. Stuff that even non-Japanese people will recognize as things that always happen. Also, Luffy and Chopper are either too stupid, or na├»ve to realize it’s Usopp while everyone else realizes it basically as soon as they see him. The fact that his costume is little more than a mask and a sheet AND includes Usopp’s everyday clothes flies right over their heads.

The absolutely best scene Sogeking is in though is when he’s planning how to save Robin with Sanji and Franky, but he keeps trying to get them to ask questions about his backstory. They just keep ignoring him, so he just slides in little factoids as they keep talking. He want them to care SO MUCH and they just don’t. Of course once he talks to Chopper and Luffy he finally gets to tell them that Sniper Island, where he is from, exists in their hearts; which they are totally dazzled by.

I already have a figure of Usopp, but I’d like to get one of him as Sogeking too. I don’t know if he ever dresses up as him after the timeskip though. The line of figures I like may have passed him over already.