1228 Oh God Yes.


Honestly there’s no need to show Sylvia (I accidentally wrote Reggie’s sister’s name on the nametag at first. Victoria is his eldest sister, btw.) other than as a gift to long suffering readers. You’ve heard tales of her and had no face to put with them. By her appearance you can clearly tell that there is a lot more to her story than meets the eye. That will likely be touched on from time to time as the story progresses. There are other inferences to be made by this image, but I’ll let you come to them rather than just spell them out.

The stuff to do with Reggie’s aunt, as I have said before, is very much based on a real experience I had in retail. I’ve embellished the whole thing significantly, but I assure you I lived in the strange bubble this sort of thing causes for a long time. Having someone on the inside is insanely beneficial, especially if your store is not very good, or you have to hire from a population of thieves and scoundrels. Creating a team that won’t steal a store blind can take a very long time and changing leaders every few months doesn’t help. Which is how you end up with de facto leaders like Thomas, Carol, and so on. Over time a small group of people who trust each other will build up in the vacuum of hired leadership. Eventually a manager can come along and look great just by virtue of being the one who stumbled upon a fully functioning store. All they need do is have sense enough to merely tweak the balances as situations call for it. We had one such manager just before I left the store. Unfortunately his role in the company was as a “fixer”. So as soon as the company decided the store had been “fixed” he was relocated. I found out later that shortly after that he left the company altogether.
Of course I’d been there too long by that time and there was no way I was going to be allowed to remain an associate forever. No matter how hard I tried to just keep my head down and do my job they wouldn’t leave me be. I eventually took over a management position so that the one who was doing the job could transfer out of the store. From that point on it was just a matter of time before I left.
Most companies have very unnecessary manager meetings every so often. They are in far away places and are a major hassle. If they were actually useful that would be one thing, but they are never more than a few lines worth of information spread out across a multimedia presentation. What these things typically boil down to a is a chance for management to get together and get drunk. Which is pointless for me since I don’t drink. I went to one of these events before finding a position in another company. Had I not been forced to attend that event I might well still be working for that company. In spite of all the bullshit that came with day to day operations it wasn’t a bad job.
Unfortunately this was the series of events that eventually led to my mental health issues. Of course it also led me here, so I guess it’s sort of a win/lose kind of thing. I’m certainly not as successful as I was in retail, but I also don’t want to kill myself very often. I think that’s a decent tradeoff.