1220 And I Have All These Pieces Left Over!


The Teen and I finally finished New Super Mario Brothers Wii… for the second time. You may remember that when she first came to live here we played through, but transferring the Wii’s memory to my WiiU left a blank slate for her. A slate she wanted to fill with her favorite Mario game.

It was much harder this time because I have to sit at a strange angle, down and to the right of the screen, which made me miscalculate my jumps constantly. We somehow managed to miss a single star coin too, so we’ll have to get that if we intend to play the last special world. Of course we barely completed the first special world, so no rush…

We decided to sign up for WWE TV since the Teen is hardcore into it. It’s a lot cheaper to get the service than to pay for each PPV separately. This cuts down on a lot of heated bargaining. I downloaded the application to her PS3 and it works about as well as Netflix, although some of the navigation controls are obtuse. There’s also a little problem with lag when you watch the live feed. It’s minor, but it exists. It’s just a little less stable than Netflix, or Amazon. All in all it’s a good deal. She’s already watched a fair bit of stuff from the Attitude era that she was too young to have seen. Her brother was a huge Stone Cold fan, so she picked up on that at some point and wants to see the actual stuff he did.
There are gaps in the timeline unfortunately. It’s early days so maybe they’ll fill those years in as time goes by. Right now you can watch at least one clip for every obscure wrestler I could think of. Not many of you seem to be in to WWE, but for the few who might be there’s my two cents.

They’ve started rereleasing Ranma 1/2 on DVD again. I never really got much of that stuff the first time around since anime on VHS was total bullshit. Now you can get entire seasons, dubbed and subbed, for the cost of a handful of episodes in that archaic format. I was pretty sure that they weren’t going to do another round of DVDs, but I’m glad they are, and I’m glad people who missed out the first time around will have a chance to enjoy the older content. Of course you guys already know how much I liked Ranma, so I’m biased.