1217 Boy Story.


This side story about Reggie is actually something I wrote with the intention of having someone else draw it, as kind of a special treat, or maybe when I was going to a convention, or something. The problem is that none of the people I approached were interested in doing it. It also kind of fit right in here with this part of the story, so I decided to put it in. I wrote beyond my art capabilities for this thing, since I wasn’t going to have to do it myself originally, so I guess we’ll see how well that works out…

When I started doing the comic everyone made a huge deal out of conventions. Over time I haven’t seen that they are particularly profitable to the people that exhibit at them. On balance anyway. The really big names seem to do okay, but the mid to low level chumps are just throwing money away and not focusing on what they really should be focusing on, which is actually making comics. It’s play time. While I may not be the best I try to present as high a quality product as I am capable of, on a reliable schedule. A big part of success, I have seen, is just showing up on time. There are those who thumb their noses at that, but artistic perfection is not a luxury everyone has. Some of us have to compensate in other ways.

Another thing that was big when I started was making yourself part of the… brand. I guess you would say? Like, getting attention by way of a podcast, or having opinions, vehemently, on the internet. Basically being part of a floor show that helped call attention to your work or, failing that, to yourself. I never had a stable enough net connection at that time, so I could never stream art, or talk to other artists on a podcast. I also don’t have a lot of strong opinions about things. I’m very much one to look at both sides of an argument and as such I rarely draw a line in the sand over things. Even for things I truly loathe, like LICD, I understand that my problems come down mostly to personal taste rather than objective complaints.

I missed podcasting by about 3 years. My friend Justin and I were perfect for that sort of thing BEFORE it was a thing and our partnership dissolved before we could get in on it. I was a prime example of someone who had never done a damn thing, but thought he knew HOW better than anyone else. Basically an insufferable, arrogant, ass. Exactly the kind of person who gets rewarded for terrible behavior these days. Becoming a better person has ruined my chances at talky stardom.

As far as webcomic podcasting goes I was never enough of a gossip to make it work. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE watching drama unfold. It fills me with zealous glee, but I don’t care enough to actually go looking for it. I’m not gonna Scooby-Doo it out so I can be the first person to point and gasp. I want someone to bring that shit TO me. I’m also not a good source for artistic advice, although most webcomic podcasters aren’t either, they just don’t seem to be self aware enough to know better.