1191 Nothing Never Was.


I found out today that the Teen finds reading comics confusing. I investigated the matter and she said that she wasn’t sure how to read them, and that she tried to read them up down up down… So I guess she reads comics Hebrew style? Anyway, maybe next time she decides to try a comic she’ll remember to read it the way I showed her. I hope.

The other day I was in my old Hastings store and they had some One Piece figures at an unusually good price, so I got a couple. I’ve always wanted figures for the main crew, but have never found any I could commit to. These ones are 5 and a half inches tall or so, from a line called Super One Piece Styling. It’s mostly the main crew in random outfits, and occasionally some side characters. Anyway I got Nami and Robin, who were, strangely, a couple of the last ones left. I didn’t like Sanji’s outfit, or Zolo’s and they didn’t have Usop, who I really wanted. Anyway the Nami didn’t match the picture on the box, because apparently mine is the variant version from that set, which is cool. I’m gonna try and get a good version of each of the main guys from this line if I can. It’s looking like it’s gonna be hard to do. The import thing is always kind of a mess, but it’s something to try. If any of you know good import shops I’d appreciate the info.

I was gonna talk about something, but I’ve been trying to catch up on pages for the last couple of hours, while watching a documentary about Edge from the WWE, with the Teen. (Who has commandeered my bed.) It totally blanked my mind out. (Also it’s a total drama night with one of her friends… I swear, teen angst!)