1166 Shelf Life.


The Teen likes to fall asleep watching television. She does not like doing this by herself. What this means is a lot of the time I am enlisted to watch something with her until she falls asleep then I’m free to return to whatever it was I was doing. Community is her favorite show for this ritual. It’s pleasant, but rarely loud and intrusive. Unfortunately it’s sometimes very hard to ascertain if she is truly asleep. Sometimes I try to leave and am ordered to sit by what seems to be a sleeping Teen. I’ve seen a lot of Community this way. I’ve seen a lot of Community this way multiple times. The Teen, however, has not seen much of Community. I know this because after 4 seasons on DVD there are episodes she has no memory of at all. So much so that I don’t understand how she even follows the overall plot of the show. Now I just pick random episodes that I feel like seeing again and wait to see if she remembers anything. It’s all very strange to me.

I’ve tried introducing other shows. 30 Rock requires too much attention. She can’t fall asleep to it. Arrested Development is WAY too subtle. Which is a strange thing to say about a show where one of the characters does stage magic and is constantly, though accidentally, killing doves. Bob’s Burgers didn’t seem to work for her. I’m not exactly sure why. She doesn’t really like animation at all, so that might be it. At this point all I know is there are not nearly enough episodes of Community for this to go on for the next four years. XD