1148 Cradle Of Hate.


Ha ha, Thomas, you snappy jokester… Yeah. Some people are blessed with a level of intensity in their youth that is hard to cope with. Of course each person has to respond to the world with whatever gifts they are given, and boons are not distributed equally. Which is why some of you can relate to Thomas directly and others are left wondering how such a person ever convinced other people that he was smart and cool. He is, at least, aware of himself enough to understand the whys of his life. That is probably the gift that saves him ultimately. He just needs to bring the line of thought to its logical conclusion. Giving in to that can be difficult.

I’ve been working on completing Skylanders Giants before bed. A few minutes before I go to sleep but after I put the teen to bed. The ritual now is to watch Community until she falls asleep, at which point I gather up and go back to my cave. When we run out of that I’m suggesting 30 Rock. Arrested Development just doesn’t pack the comedy punch for her. It’s such a slow burn and requires more attention than the average show. Probably part of what led to its demise originally.

I haven’t seen any of the new episodes. I’m banking on the DVD set being good and getting them that way. In fact I’ve actively avoided knowing things about the relaunch, since people online are so whiny about that sort of thing anymore. Anyway, I’ve spoken of this plan before, but I really love 30 Rock, so I’m going to keep talking about it, over and over, until I’m rewatching it again.

Gamestop has some kind of club deals for Skylanders. If you buy 6 you get one basic one free. Seeing as no one else is doling out freebies, and their prices are the same as every other retailer, I drank the kool aid. I’m going to get more of these things. I accept that. At least now I’ll save a tiny bit of money. I’ve decided not to get any characters I already have a version of (Except Stealth Elf, because she’s the best.) Some of them can’t be avoided unfortunately. At any rate I’m trying to minimize casualties. It seems like there are a billion more of these fucking things. I already gave up on the Giants stuff. Though I’m pretty sure I got all the new characters. I haven’t actually checked. I know I passed up a few reissues. I mean really, why are there lightcore and standard versions of so many of these? I might try to get the 3DS game without figures used. I think the same ones come with it as the other starter packs. In any event I bet you can get them as singles, so I’ll keep my eyes open for that.