1147 Tommy Knocker.


My pace in Pokémon Y would best be described as glacial. With my various ongoing obligations I play maybe ten minutes before I fall asleep, with occasional visits at other times if I’m stuck waiting for something. If nothing else I’ll be busy with it until the next title arrives. XD

You remember those Transformer Prime predacon combiners? The smallest price point ones? I found all but one of them. I think I mentioned it before. Anyway, for some reason, there are no Rippersnappers anywhere around where I live, or even available online. So I was stuck with a crippled Abominus… but the other day, when I had to go to the dentist, I stopped into a Target. They had a set of two little dudes, one Smokescreen and one Cindersaur. I recognized Cindersaur as a recolor of the Rippersnapper mold, plus the set was the same price as just buying one dude, so I picked it up to complete Abominus. Cindersaur looks a tad out of place since the other predacons are candy colored nightmares, but at least Abominus is a whole robot. In all honesty the gestalt robot is ridiculous looking, so what difference does it make that one leg is hardcore while every other limb is tasting the rainbow?