1146 Fixation.


I broke down the other day an replaced my old glasses. I had my eyes checked first, just as a matter of course. The doctor kept doing the flippy thing, then he got out his little pre glasses thing and told me to switch between it and my old ones. Eventually I came to a selection of lenses that looked correct and told him that the two sets were nearly identical. He said “Yeah, I thought so… your eyes don’t seem to like anything I change. Every adjustment I make just comes back to your original prescription. There are worse things in the world than stable eyesight though.” XD So my new glasses see just like my old ones. I can’t see super close up like when I was young, but as long as I have my glasses I can see the same way I always have. Better if my allergies aren’t acting up.

The frames are kind of square, and by square I mean the shape and not the lack of style. I’ve already gotten pretty used to them, but haven’t found the sweet spot where I can get them to stay on my face yet. Every so often they make a desperate run for the border.

I’ve barely played any Pokémon, but my friend Pete did fix it so I could download all the shiny legendaries from his Gamestop into my Black 2 pak. So eventually I can just use them to complete the story. Black 2 didn’t hold on to me very well. I hear that transferring pokemon is going to be a big hassle too. So this may be a breaking point from old to new for me. The steadfast refusal by Nintendo to let me transfer my old pokemon easily has soured me on the idea of getting attatched to them, which breaks the game a bit, as it is in direct contradiction to the game’s core philosophy…

But whatever.

I’ve been trying to repair old headphones because I’m tired of them shorting out every few months so I have to buy a new pair. I wear headphones pretty much all the time so my media doesn’t disturb anyone, which means they get a lot of use. The quality of ear covering sets has degraded significantly in the last few years. On top of that it is difficult to repair shorts with the more complex pairs. My answer to this was to watch youtube videos until I learned how to do it. As a test I tried fixing the latest pair to crap out. I got them working again, but the work was sloppy and really close to the earpiece. On top of that the wires for the other side were laced through the band, so fixing that part would require soldering. Bluh… I went ahead and bought a new pair, but chose some that looked easy to repair when the time comes. Unfortunately they don’t have the volume control on the cord… So I might try to make one out of spare parts from other headphones.

Anyway all of that led me to an idea about redesigning headphones so you could fix them on the fly by just replacing the part that broke. Now I just need someone who is actually good with electronics to make them for me. XD