1122 Perversion Aversion.


Okay… I’ve always had problems with shampoo. When I was young they used to think I had dandruff, but what it really was, was me having a reaction to shampoo. I know I’ve written about it before, but I bring it up because I have a new shampoo that works really well, except that I have to be SUPER CAREFUL with it. If I leave even a hint of this stuff in my hair after I rinse it seems to eat my skin away. So, right now the back of my scalp is a bloody mess. I don’t mean bloody in the figurative cursing way either. The skin has broken open and is seeping because I didn’t wash my hair correctly. I thought I had because I felt squeaky, but I must have gotten in a hurry. I really miss the shampoo I had been using. They stopped making it. The stuff I’m trying out is almost exactly like it except it’s perfumed. I’m pretty sure that is the element of the stuff that makes me break out. You’d think I’d learn after the first time I had this happen and not get in a hurry. It was only a little patch that time. This time it’s the whole back of my head. Of course I rewashed it, but the damage was done overnight. Now I’m just dealing with he healing.

What a weird thing to blog about. I must confess I’m having a very hard time thinking about anything else at the moment though.

Anyway, for as saucy as Thomas can be in some ways he’s a little conservative when it comes to sex stuff. Jess is totally the other side of that spectrum AND acting up in a fairly clear attempt to impress him. I don’t know for sure if it’s working, but she certainly puts it all out on front street. In some ways that’s kind of what Thomas has always wanted; to just be told where he stands with a potential mate. Jess just kind of got there late and doesn’t know, or accept, it.