1119 Undeclared.


Rather than dance around the issue for ages, the way that some thing try to, I decided to go ahead and let Jess nail down her sexuality. She is generally a very confident person. As long as things are on her terms she’s comfortable in any situation. She also gets bored easily and likes to try new things, and apparently people. Jess is that kind of person that people would accuse of being queer for attention. I’m not sure if everyone knows what that is, but that’s as best as I know how to describe it. It seems to some people like she’s faking it. You guys will have to give me some feedback if this is a common thing or just something I saw in Kansas. XD Anyway, you can start sailing your ships all over the place now, and look back at older pages with updated knowledge.

Please keep clicking on the Jolene voting image. I am now amused that the comic is slowly moving up the listings and ruining the day for a few people as it goes. Let’s see how high it can go. Maybe my regular posting schedule will be enough to take down Two Kinds. XD

I decided to just go ahead on with the fiction thing rather than overthink it and stall out. I can always edit stuff later. I know for sure that I’m going to change some earlier stuff. Or, rather, add some things in before the introduction of Twigg, but that will probably appear in the print version rather than be updated in real time in the blog posts. In any event, here’s a Little more story for you:

“Do you think they’re corporeal?” Asked Niona.

“You mean can they hurt us?” Replied Julius.

“I’m not sure.” He continued. “It’s so hard to tell with spectral things…”

“I think these are trapped souls.” Interjected Alina. “Or at the very least bound to this infernal mechanism. There’s a good chance they have influence in our dimension.”

“Can you dispel them?” Twig asked shakily.

“I don’t think so. Temporarily maybe, but they’d be drawn right back.” Alina answered. “We four know shield charms. We should be able to repel them as a group. Long enough to undo whatever this is anyway.”

“Twig and I know some as well…” Julius mentioned in passing.

“Excellent. We should be fine then. I’ll generate a barrier for us all, if it looks like that won’t be enough we each come in as needed according to ability.”

“Wait.” Julius interrupted. “Where do twig and I come in?”

“It’s Me, Herrin, Regalius, Niona Twig, then you.” Alina explained.

“I’m last?” Julius sulked. “I studied as a temple guard…”

“Your protege, has already displayed more natural talent than any of us, apart from Regalius maybe, but as a team I’m more comfortable relying on known variables and tactics.” Alina replied testily.

“Still…” Julius mumbled.

“Realy?!” Alina growled. “This is the thing you decide to argue about? In the bottom of a haunted temple!?”

“No, no!” Julius backpeddled. “I just felt a little slighted.”

“I can’t even tell if you’re being serious.”

“I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t brought up the issue at this point.” Julius recoiled.

“In that we are agreed.” Alina replied, slugging Julius hard on the arm.

Julius summoned all of his will to stifle a scream. It was like being hit with a rock. Eyes watering, he moved ahead at Alina’s direction. The group stepped into the room completely and slowly made for the center. Evidence of tampering became more and more apparent as they went. There was no way they could avoid all of the hazy specters so Julius elected to simply approach one. At first it didn’t take any notice, but as they moved by it seemed to be deciding if it had actually seen anything. It was vaguely female. Its slim arm reached out as if to interact with them, but was halted by Alina’s barrier. After a few moments a small band of the spirits were slowly following the team. A few even made to impede their progress, but simply fell away, unable to find purchase on anything.

Though apparently safe Twig was clinging to Julius as tightly as she could, while trying to seem cool in front of new people. She need not have worried however, as the ever increasing hoard of disembodied people was beginning to frighten everyone. Especially because the more spirits joined in the more the faint whispering that seemed to be everywhere sounded more like actual words.