1113 Painful


Bet you didn’t expect that, huh? Something like this would be nightmare level horrible for me. Seeing old girlfiends is torturous. I’m that kind of person, and some of you are too. Of course those of you who are all fucking mature and shit can sit back and smugly watch us squirm, but I suspect you, like all people, have bullshit hang ups you just can’t let go of too. I won’t say any more on the subject for fear of spoiling future updates, but don’t go thinking that I can’t step outside myself and be aware of how ridiculous I can be. Sometimes I just don’t give a fuck. A little irrational behavior is the right of all sentient beings. XD

And now a word about the fiction offering for tonight:

I have run kind of rampant with this story so far and it’s gone okay, but this bit isn’t doing it for me. I just jumped in like I have been but a little ways in I wasn’t sure I liked the original idea and switched it around a bit, then I went back a little, and it’s just not right. So this might get completely redone, which will be the first real editing I’ve done with this thing. I mean you all should realize that this is just a first draft of an idea that is only partially fleshed out. The thing is this is how I’ve learned that you actually get things done. You just let stuff spill out of your head then fix it when it’s all barfed up. If you wait for perfection you will wait a very long time indeed, and that is what stops most people from ever doing anything. Most people draft in private, but I went public with it, and you guys have responded extremely well to this stuff, which has spurred me on. Anyway, just be prepared for this part to get completely reworked before the actual edited publication of whatever this story appears in.

And so our story continues?

“It looks like the steam tunnels, under the capital.” Niona gaped.

“Combined with a nightmare.” Added Regalius, and he wasn’t exaggerating. In addition to the tubes of glowing liquid there were holding containers filled with the toxic substance and the petrified remains of what must have been humans at one time, long ago. They stared, blank faced and warped, out at nothing in particular. Slowly though, the cloudy eyes began rotating, necks began craning, and these trapped persons appeared to become aware of them.

The party stood as if rooted. This strange green fluid coursed through the entire structure like blood, save for a few rooms. Now they stood at the heart of the thing and hundreds, if not thousands of souls appeared to be the source of the power. The piping itself seemed to make no sound though evidence of rhythmic flow was evident. Further in however the barely audible breathing that seemed to fill the entire structure was obviously real, and the whispering that one thought imaginary, when laying in the dark, was a clear and constant muttering.

“What in the world is up with this place…” Julius rasped.

“If anyone else ever made it here and back I never found their books.” Niona replied. “and not for lack of trying. The stuff I brought is literally all I ever found and, as you know, it’s grievously incomplete.”

“We need to do what we came here to do and get out. As fast as humanly possible.” Alina declared.

The group agreed quickly and Julius was soon briskly trotting ahead to check for other traps. As they moved more gaunt faces turned to observe them and words began to become more clear in the continual muttering. Julius did his best to keep focused on his job. There was evidence of activity that hadn’t been obliterated by dust. Organized activity. Perpetrated by far more people than they had thought to bring. Piping of a type more in keeping with what was commonly used had been added here and there. Someone had been tampering with whatever this place was meant to be, or do.

Eventually the hall opened up into a domed room where all the piping terminated. This now was the true heart of the structure. It was far more corrupted by the alien piping, which ran all around and at random angles.

Alina finally said aloud what they all knew. “Necromancy…”

“On a scale not seen for ages.” Niona added. “Perhaps never before or since.”

The native pipes ran like a spider web to a massive vat in the center of the room. It seemed to be gently pumping the fluid out, throughout, and back in to itself. Although hidden the mechanism was partially visible here and there around the room. Vague shadows seemed to be wandering formlessly. The additional piping also terminated at the center, but at some kind of device. The specters seemed drawn to it, taking no notice of the intruders.

“Is everyone else seeing the ghosts?” Herrin asked.






“Good.” He continued. “I’m glad it’s not just me.”