1105 Boot To The Head.


I really enjoyed making the flashback panels with the Carol pages. As much as I have been able to enjoy anything at the moment. Some of this stuff actually required unexpected research. Since my college experience was limited, at best, I don’t know, or remember, how a lot of stuff works anymore. That said I did see a lot of turmoil through the eyes of other people, so that was useful and speaks to being a good observer being important to better writing.

I actually get kind of a kick hearing about scholarships that have really odd rules attached to them. Arbitrary rules and stuff are super annoying when you’re living with them, but fun to see from outside. Grants, and inheritances are also very similar in that way. A friend of mine had a really irritating set of rules imposed on some school money he inherited, which was kind of like one last slap in the face from beyond the grave. From a writer’s perspective it actually made for some good drama. From a character perspective it was annoying as fuck.

Well, I was given 3 more of those Zelda Gatcha figures. Someone had opened two of them so they knew it was Tetra and Skyward Zelda, the third was blind still so I ended up with OOT Zelda again. If anyone is collecting them we can set up a trade if you like. I only need Skyward Link now. I could probably get away with sticking this thing in an envelope since it’s so small. Anyway, whatever.

You know the Tetra and Link from Phantom Hourglass come with a hear container and an hourglass respectively. They don’t stick to any part of the stand, and they can’t hold them. It’s really weird. I don’t see why they would do that. They seem really superfluous. I stuck mine on with poster tack. Just so they wouldn’t get lost. I’m kind of surprised that the little heart container was still in the bubble with Tetra. A nerd must have opened it rather than a kid.

I’m a little surprised with myself. In spite of it being a shitty day I managed a little more story as well.

“He’s breathing.” She hissed. Alina motioned for Niona to prod him with her spear. As gently as she could Niona complied. As soon as the cold butt of the rod touched him Herrin sprang to life in a flurry of screaming and swinging. Everyone was startled by it and scattered in various directions away from him. Twig disappeared entirely as far as everyone could tell.
Backed into the corner Herrin was covering his eyes and brandishing a broken sword. It was still dangerous enough that no one dared aproach.

“come on, you bastards!” He yelled. “I still have some fight left in me!”

Nobody moved.

“Herrin, it’s me, Commander Alina.” She said slowly. “Regalius, Niona, and I came looking for you.”

“I don’t believe you… This place whispers… in the darkness.” He said shakily. “You’re using my mind against me!”

“Honestly, it’s us!” Niona pleaded. “Put down the sword.”

“No! You’re figments!” He replied waving the broken blade less forcefully than before.

“How can we prove who we are?” Regalius said tugging Julius casually towards the door.

“Ask us something only we would know.” Suggested Alina.

“If you’re a figment you’d know anything I would know you know, and if I didn’t know I wouldn’t know if you were right or not!” Herrin sputtered.

“That’s the most logical thing, presented in the craziest way, that I’ve ever heard.” Julius quipped.

Alina cast him a withering look. “Okay… fair enough.” She continued. “What can we do to prove who we are?”

“I don’t… Let me think…” He replied.

Now outside the room Regalius whispered to Julius. “Can you… shadowphase behind him, or something?”

“I don’t think so.” He replied. “Getting in the room was about my limit. Even then I don’t know how I’d be able to incapacitate him. He’s still strong enough to get a good strike in with that blade by the look of him. Can you put him to sleep?”

“He’s trained to resist. We all are.” Regalius said, peering around the door.

“Wait… I think I have an idea.” Exclaimed Julius, stepping back into the room, and whispering something to Niona.

“Herrin,” She said soothingly. “My spear is unique in all the world. Even if I was some kind of shape shifter I couldn’t replicate it, right?”

“Right…” He replied slowly.

“Here then!” She said tossing it onto the floor. “You could plant it right into that stone without harming it. If it’s fake it will blunt like any common weapon!”

Herrin eyed the spear cautiously. Slowly he reached out and tapped it, then grasped it and used it to stand. His eyes darted from the spear to the party and back as he steadied himself. He touched the clear tip of the weapon, mumbling. Then, suddenly, and with speed shocking for someone looking so haggard, he plunged the blade into the stone floor. A high pitched screech came from the stone and sparks erupted as he sank it the short distance to the staff. Then, as easily as pulling it from sand, he retracted the spear again.

“Only one in the world…” He said, sliding down the wall again. Tears forming in his eyes, but relieved laughter following his words.

Tension finally broken, the reunited friends rushed Herrin. Julius could hear the sounds of hugs, laughter, and tears as he walked out of the room and began looking for Twig.