1092 Party Girl.


It got here in kind of a roundabout way, but in my defense Carol’s boobs take a long time to get around. This page was originally going to cut back to Thomas and Constance, but I decided that the original reason for Carol’s story was going to get lost in the cut. I needed a place to break the conversation that would leave people remembering what she’d said. To that end I moved this part ahead, which will require a LOT of renumbering, because I had a couple weeks of pages ahead of this section before. Every so often I have one of these moments where I realize that my scripted plan works in my head, but not so much in practice. Luckily it usually only results in a rewrite, but I’ve been so distracted that I didn’t catch this as fast as I might have otherwise.

I’m still having significant trouble adjusting to my new office. The door is at my back so I’ve been scared nearly to death a couple of times now from people sneaking up on me. I hate to keep it closed because the room is so hot otherwise, and with the computer in it the problem is compounded further. Right now my plan is to make a system of ducts to pipe the cold air from the vent out into the room rather than under my bed, which is a big part of the problem and always has been.

On the plus side the glare from the windows and lights has been reduced, so once I actually start working I’m not fighting that nearly as much. Hopefully I’ll be able to sort myself out before too long.

Here’s a little tidbit of story.

Julius was the first to wake up and he busied himself with the fire until the others rose. After a quick meal, and a cleanse with Niona’s magic container, the group began their quest in earnest. He’d kept quiet for quite some time so Julius decided to venture a very obvious, yet still unanswered question.

“What was the original team looking for?”

“You’ve probably sensed it,” Alina began, as she slid open one of the massive stone doors. “the evil aura of this place, I mean.” Julius nodded. “It was built over something. What it is exactly isn’t clear.”

“The texts I found called it the vein of the demon.” Interjected Niona. “It’s supposedly a site where an evil creature was slain, but its defeat cause negative forces to flow to this spot.”

“And a bunch of stupid humans decided to dig down to it…” Regalius drolled.

“I sent the first group here the see if it had been disturbed” Continued Alina. “I think places like this are where the skeleton king draws strength.”

Julius almost asked what would posses someone to build something like this, but his brain caught up to his mouth before it spoke. There was always some group of jerks doing stuff like this. Making trouble for no good reason. This was just another one of those places left behind when trouble caught up to them.

The long hall was faintly lit by round baubles stuck at intervals along the walls. The source of their light wasn’t clear, but the sickly glow suggested it was the negative energy of the site itself. Their dim light was perhaps testimony to its waning potency. So much the better as far as Julius was concerned.
Alina led the way for a fair while before Julius’s wits came to him. Her natural leadership made him forget his function.

“Hey, wait!” He exclaimed. “You guys need to get behind me.” The sudden outburst was enough to make the others obey without question. They quickly repositioned themselves behind him and made ready to fight.

“No, no…” He explained waving their weapons down. “There’s nothing around. I just need to be first in case of traps.” Niona laughed.

“You know, I don’t think we ever had a thief who went before the party before.”

“Well you still haven’t.” Julius corrected. “I’m much more like a locksmith. A craftsman.”

“Do you pick pockets?” Alina asked. Julius considered his answer for a moment.

“Yes.” He replied. “But only if they mark is a known jerk. I have standards.”