1090 Wish Fulfillment.


Today seems to have gone on forever already. All my stuff is moved around and it’s all wrong and… I don’t even have an adjective to accurately describe it. I bet the Germans have one. They are light years ahead of our linguistic technology. In any case there’s nothing I can do about the situation. Change is the only constant and all that. Who knows, maybe in the end it will work better this way. At least I’m not a wall away from a blaring television now.

In other news I did go ahead and get Animal Crossing New Leaf. I encourage anyone who wants to visit my town someday to ad my friend code to their list. 3909-7997-3526 Just leave yours here and I’ll add it when I notice. Pears are my fruit. Which I think has been true for the last 2 games. What’s that about? Longtime blog readers will remember that I played City Folk for over a year for at least 30 minutes when I was going through my last bout of severe depression. It was as close to therapy as I got. I guess we’ll see if this version has that kind of staying power without it.

Anyway, I’m wondering if you guys would prefer that I add new bits of the fantasy story in the blog, or just tack it to the end of the fiction page instead. I don’t mind doing it either way, and it does fill space here when I don’t have anything to say particularly, but I thought I’d ask just to see. I’ll try to write a little more tonight if I can. I’m very stressed from the move and am having a very hard time getting into my creative headspace with the change.