1076 Take Note.


These next few pages are the ones I was working on when the site was all fucked up. I guess the quality is about the same as ever, but it just seems poetic in some way that these are pages where something people have been waiting for happens. It would have been nice to have extra time for these, especially since a few have extra features. I dunno. Whatever. I did my best which is all you can do really.

If you sit around, waiting for conditions to be perfect, you’re gonna be sitting a long time and not get much done. Luckily for people like me people with a lot of talent are sometimes crippled by this tendency to wait for, or insist on, perfection. It makes a little room for the average, but tenacious. There’s something for a t-shirt. XD Average but tenacious.

On the whole the world is not controlled by the exceptional. More actual work gets done by people that can cope with the imperfection of the everyday. If you’re a perfectionist, however, take heart. You can learn to lower yourself to everyone else’s standards. I used to wait for perfection, but got over that tendency. Now I have this empire of dirt!

It’s all coming together!