1069 Preparedness.


Jo is unapologetic in her love of drama. Really though it makes sense, for what is life but a movie you take part in every day. All the world’s a stage.

Technically Jo is holding a DS, or a reasonable facsimile, but still calling it a Gameboy. I don’t know for sure if other people do this, but I know I do from time to time, especially when I’m talking to people who don’t keep up with stuff like that. Most humans know what a Gameboy was and if you call a different thing a Gameboy they understand that this is the new version of that old thing.

I hesitated to use an actual card game on this page, but Magic: The Gathering has lasted for a long time and I see no reason for it to stop existing anytime soon. Wizards Of The Coast will likely ride that cash cow all the way to the apocalypse, much like they will with D&D if they don’t manage to run it into the ground first. If memory serves Hasbro bought WOTC not too long ago and sold the license for the Pokémon card game back to Nintendo. I played both Pokémon and Magic at one point in my life. Eventually I quit both because my obsessive tendencies were making it unhealthy. Particularly concerning Magic. An even occurred that caused me to stop playing for an extended period of time and after a while I decided my life was better on the whole without Magic. I thought I kept some decks, but as far as I can tell now I must have just sold them all. Either that or I packed them away so well I’ve never found them.

I still have the Pokémon cards, but since no one really played it was never a problem. Basically I have all the cards from games that no one ever played much of. Pokémon, X-Files, Animehem, DragonBall Z, ect. Most of them are just random cards from a few packs and starters. I think I gave all my Star Wars cards to my friend Chris. He was the only person who ever understood the rules to that mess anyway. If memory serves I am one card shy of a complete set of Dragonball Z Animehem cards. I don’t even thing it was a rare, but it just never showed up in packs. I think it was one of Krillin’s special moves. Anyway, that’s been ages ago, but I know that I still have those cards.

I still have some regular trading card sets too. Akira for sure and maybe Robot Carnival? I’d actually have to go look. After all this time I bet the plastic card pages have welded themselves to the cards. They aren’t supposed to do that, but the manufacturers lie. They totally do. I think I’m a card or so shy of a complete Akira set. Although it is possible that I completed it and just don’t remember. At the time it seemed really important. That was back when you had to scramble around to find anything to do with Japanese comics or animation. I mean, they were just frames of animation printed on cards. Kind of bullshit in retrospect.

In any event Brooksie has a little elf deck of her own. Fully prepared to irritate other players in that way that only Magic elves can.