1067 Guileless.


You know, in the span of a few days I’ve had a large chunk of my television viewing time freed up. Green Lantern Animated, Young Justice, Tron Uprising, Scooby Doo Mystery Inc, Iron Man Armored Adventures, Staw Wars The Clone Wars, and probably other shows I’m forgetting, have all either ended, been cancelled, or not been picked up for new seasons. It was a real golden time there for a while of exceptional shows. Tron hurt the most. It had the best cliffhanger ending. The kind of final episode that just begs for more. Scooby Doo actually ended. Everything tied up, but open for more if the money was there. Green Lantern felt like it ended properly too. It could have gone on, but there was closure. Clone Wars is apparently going to move to Disney Channel for its last season, if it actually has one at all. They’re acting cagey, and with the Lucasarts thing I feel like they might yet dick the fans over and not spend a thought on it. Hopefully Transformers Prime will wrap up nicely with the beast hunters thing. It’s already been announced that this is the last season so I hope they planned an ending for it too.

Not a lot of kids shows get endings. A few do, but if they don’t get crazy popular it’s all up in the air. I mean, even Transformers doesn’t really have an ending. It just kind of stops. Except in Japan where it didn’t.

That kind of thing really bothered me as a teen. Pirates Of Dark Water in particular never finished telling its story, even though there was a clear goal to accomplish. I don’t think the Real Ghostbusters has an ending. I know the comics didn’t. they just stopped coming one day. Dungeons & Dragons doesn’t. Those kids never get home… I dunno, it’s just kind of a shame.

If nothing else it’s a lot more clear now that people put some effort into writing kid’s shows compared to when I was actually a kid.