1065 Deterioration.


If you haven’t seen The Godfather you really should. It’s a fine movie. The second one is okay. The third and onward… questionable at best. If you’d rather read the story that’s not a bad idea either. The novel is exceptionally well written. As long as you’re at it, you may as well play the video game too. It’s one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure, in the blog someplace, there’s a chronicle of me playing it. I actually played it a few times. A couple on the Playstation 2 and at least once on the 360. Honestly, there’s almost no difference between the two versions. I actually found all the hidden stuff on the PS2 one though. For some reason I could never find all the reels on the 360. No one made maps accurate enough for me to complete it.

It struck me the other day that a lot of the movies I reference, that became less obscure for a few years, are fading back into obscurity. It was fashionable for a while to be nerdy at that level, and the normals have infiltrated and taken over nerd culture and are slowly trying to force us out. Now that they have the controls it’s no longer important to connect with the people who started things. I mean, comic book conventions are really just movie conventions now, and are becoming ever more exclusive. The people that made the content they farm are like step children living in an attic. Which is not to say there isn’t cross over in the groups. There necessarily must be liaisons and, of course, people who don’t get bogged down with labels and can like people regardless of class. Then again maybe that’s just paranoia talking. It’s hard not to get worried with the loss of Lucasarts hanging over us. I was no great fan of their work in all honesty, but they worked for the fans more than for the dollar. Oh, they wanted the dollar, but an eye was kept on where they were and what they were doin’.

A time will come when we will have to walk away from the old conventions and companies and start over. In fact that time may be upon us. We’ll go back into hiding for a while, start making the best content there is for ourselves, and then have it stolen away again when the masses catch on. For such is the circle of life.

Disney is a real head scratcher when it comes to nerdiness. The are absolutely a power hungry, money grubbing, corporation… but a lot of nerds worship it while simultaneously hating everything it does APART from a few decent animated films every 4 years or so. Disney’s relationship with nerds is, at best, passive aggressive and, at worst, abusive. We need them to throw down money so that we get to watch Studio Ghible films while they are simultaneously unleashing a Hanna Montana upon the world every 5 years. Britteny Spears was a mousketeer. Linsey Lohan got her start in Disney movies essentially. And now they own the Muppets, Star Wars, and Marvel comics. I really have a hard time seeing how this ends well for us. Not just because they have acquired some of the best content generators (arguably) but also because they have the means to destroy, or at least chill, new content creators.

It worries me.