1063 I Know It Was You.


Every so often I write a joke that seems like the art should be one way, but when I actually do it I realize it needs to be the opposite of what I thought. The first version of this page had the last two panels reversed. The text was the same, but I realized it was funnier to end on Thomas’s expression. There have been a few pages like this. Sometimes you need to see something on a page to really see it.

I used some birthday money to finally buy Skyward Sword. I have a feeling that this will be the last Wii game I will ever buy. I toyed with the idea of trying some of those rpgs like The Last Story, or whatever it was, but now I’m like meh. I’m not sure I want to play through 50% of a game, get bored, and leave it alone for two years, Final Fantasy 13 style. I haven’t gotten along with many of the handheld Zeldas, but I’ve always had a good time with the console ones. I probably won’t start playing Skyward Sword for a while, but I might play it before Mass Effect 3 because I feel like I’ll get more play time out of ME3 and enjoy it more. Right now I’m still all about Fire Emblem Awakening.

I still want to get Fall Of Cybertron and Arkham City at some point too. AC is actually at a decent price right now, but Zelda won out because I wanted a copy that still came with the symphony. FOC gets pushed back because it’s too pricey still AND I feel like it’s a one time play through. Since I don’t have the Xbox live it always feels like I’m paying for content that’s locked away from me.