1061 Hurt.


Just the other day someone was telling me that they would change the parts where you look inside Thomas’s head if they could change anything about the comic. Apparently it had no effect on me.

There are things about this whole arc that cast at best a poor light on Thomas, and at worst vilify him. He is young yet, and still has a vein of angry inside that he hasn’t come to terms with. His great disadvantage when placed before you is his mind being laid bare. That said, his actions aren’t likely to help anything either.

Of late the interface for loading the comic has been acting strange. the arrow keys, for example, do not function in the text box. There are other odd annoyances too. I don’t pretend to understand the why of it all, but it vexes me and I feel it should be blamed on persons other than myself.

My Scooby Doo calendar is also Velmaless this month of April. How I am to endure this trial is beyond me. Scooby Doo without Velma is barely worth casting an eye to. Maybe I should print out an appropriate Velma and paste her on…