1059 Tight.


Sorry about the not blog. Jury duty screwed up my schedule in such a way that I was asleep until about a second ago. It’ll be up in 30 minutes or so if you want to check back. I had a dream about scaryy juggalos if that does anything for you.

I doubt seriously that Carol couldn’t actually wear Thomas’s shirt if she actually needed too. He’s wider than she by enough that there would likely be ample space for her ample space fillers. Although the shirt would be cut for a man and potentially awkward. She is, in this situation, being playful. I suspect that is obvious enough, but I thought I comment anyway.

I reported for my first jury duty as a residence of Colorado today. I’ve been tapped before, but generally people do not like things to go to trial around here because everyone knows everyone which can be bad.

The proseedings were… grabasstical at best. A true model of inefficiency. Without much knowledge of how a court should be run I still feel like I could have had the jury picked and the trial started before lunch… We were to report at 8AM, but we might well have wandered in later as no one seemed to be ready for ages. I was actually chosen as a potential juror twice. The first time they decided that the selection wasn’t random enough, so we were dispersed back into the crowd again. It was a shame because the jury seats were much nicer than the shitty benches…

Anyway, when they redid the selection I got called back up, so I got to sit in the nice seat for the rest of the, glacially slow, selection proccess. I have found, when one is a potential juror, that maintaining powerful eye contact, speaking with conviction, and being fearless about asking questions, will nearly always get you tossed out. It may seem hard to believe, because I fake it so well, but I am terribly shy. Brooksie level shy. It takes a pretty intense force of will for me to actually do this. Luckily there comes a point of absolute aggitation that sort of pushes me into trickster mode, thus allowing me to be forceful and charming. The side most opposite your inferred opinion will then cast you aside rather than risk having a potential room swaying juror on their hands. I’ve been passed over every time because of this, although I was quite ready to pass judgement if it came to it. It was a drunk driving charge and I was keen to remeove such a person from the street if it was proven he had, in fact, broken the law.

It took about 4 hours for my part of the proceedings. I hate to imagine how long it would have taken to actually have a trial… In this matter, as in most, Colorado has altered my opinion of similar experiences in Kansas. By contrast the Garden City court system is a well oiled machine of justice. Moving from one task to another with relatively blinding speed. I think I will continue to abide by the law, if for no other reason than to save myself days of wasted time in court.

Schedule askew, I ended up falling asleep this afternoon, which caused the lateness of the journal. I did, however, have a strange dream. I was picking up litter from the side of the road when I noticed some juggalos acosting some people. They were very imposing and beat the people up a little. I actually hid in the ditch to avoid their gaze. Anyway, my cleanup project continued and these clowns kept harassing people, but I found out that if they targeted you all the food would disappear from your house and you’d be forced to eat alone forever. It was a really strange, magical, twist to the whole thing, but I saw it happen to a neighbor. In the dream I lived in an apartment building. Anyway, the rest of the dream was basically my quest to avoid this dark carnival. I woke up after being cornered. There was a karate clown that looked like he was going to win if we tangled, and he was the smallest of the group. I’m glad I didn’t find out what would happen after they roughed me up. I was not down with these clowns…