1057 Watch Your Back.


It keeps happening…

The other day, when I was in Garden, I parked outside the Gamestop to download the newest Pokemon Nintendo was making us chase and some dudes wandered over to the people carrier I had parked next to. They opened the hood and started rooting around a little. One of them was trying to clean the battery leads with some kind of card, which wasn’t going well. Since my truck has been having some minor issues I had my tools in the front seat with me, so I rolled down my window and asked if they wanted to borrow them. The mechanic asked if I happened to have a metal bush and, much to his surprise, I did. After a few short twists of some pliers, and some scrubbing he had the issue sorted out, and the vehicle started right up.

I know that it’s confirmation bias, but this sort of thing seems to happen to me way more than to other people. I just happen to be at the right place to be handy. I mean, there are certainly worse things to be than usefull, but it has always struck me as a little odd. Maybe it just comes from being prepared for minor disasters.

I’ve watched a few more episodes of Super God Masterforce and have to say it’s a better show than Headmasters. It’s still basically Power Rangers, but the disinclusion of Daniel and his constant, shrill, weeping really improves watchability. They finally worked things back around to being connected to the Headmasters series. The 3 spunky youths were given special bracelets that allow them to become Headmasters when paired with transectors of their own.

The decepticons have recruited 3 youths of their own and also began using zombies to wreak havok, in addition to their arsenal of seacon drones. In this continuity the arm, leg, and gun, parts of the Seacon combiner are lifeless robots, rather than unique individuals. Only the main body, Turtler, is sentient. It kind of reminds me of the combiner sets they released a year or so ago that had a single Transformer and 4 drones that became limbs for a combned form. The advantage to this, at least as far as the fiction is concerned, is that there’s no conflict between the minds of the gestalt parts. Bickering between personalities is what made most of the decepticon combiner teams ineffective when compared to similar autobot teams. SGM Seacons fix that issue. It’s kind of a shame though, because the American fiction made the team very interesting. Win some lose some, I guess.

SGM also introduces a more or less capable female to the team of kids. Her writing is typical for the time, but still better than it could have been, especialy in light of the demotion Arcee took to secretary in Headmasters. Minerva is actually useful.

It’s much easier to care about this grouping of characters because there are fewer to focus on, they are less irritiating, and have more time to develop personalities. Headmasters was remarkably busy with a large cast of old characters competing with a significant roster of new faces.

The Transformers still have an insane desire to allow children into warzones, but that’s just something you have to learn to accept about them if you’re going to be a fan. The kids are the in, so the robots have to be irresponsible to a certain degree. I prefer to chalk it up to Cybertronians not having stages of development. You come off the factory floor pretty much ready to go. Or that is what is implied. If nothing else there are no robabies on Cybertron.