1051 Of Hats.


I am not a fan of being the one to open, or close, a store when it comes to alarm systems. I’m also not thrilled with being the one with the keys. The main reason for the latter is I tend to get halfway home and then can’t remember actually locking the door. I am also not the kind of person who can cope with not knowing. I drove all the way back to the stores so many times it’s really sad. I had always locked the door too.

Of course I’ve done the same thing leaving the house. So you get to work then become convinced that you left your door unlocked. Or a gate, or any number of things. Which makes waiting till break a torture. You’d think I’d learn to take note of locking things, but I only do it for a few days, then I forget and the process starts anew.

Now that I think of it a lot of my random fear comes from locks. Either being locked in or locked out, or having things be unprotected. I tend to check that my keys are in my pocket about three times before I actually lock my truck. I didn’t decide on that number, that’s just the number of times I get distracted between getting out and finally locking the thing most times.

I guess these fears serve their purposes. I haven’t ever locked my self out of my truck that I can remember, and I lock doors I’m supposed to have.

Wreck-It Ralph was pretty cool. The DVD release was really kind of shitty though. They didn’t bother to put any actual special features on it. It’s filled to the fucking brim with commercials though. I guess Disney DVD has forsaken itself for Blueray. Either that or the Wal-Mart I went to just didn’t have the special version of the DVD. Which I doubt because it’s Wall-Mart. The sad thing is that this is the only animated feature in ages I actually give a shit about where extra content is concerned.

One thing I will say about the actual movie is that, as a fan of 30 Rock, Fix-It Felix really is just Kenneth in a video game. Which is fine, I’m just saying. King Candy is just Ed Wynn. Of course it’s not really him because he’s long dead, but he actually was the voice of the Mad Hatter in Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. (Basically the same character, and clearly done on purpose. Don’t email me about it.) So, in a way, they are carrying on a tradition; repackaging known personalities for children’s entertainment.