1043 Look Upon My Breasts.


Fire Emblem has been brutalizing me. I was playing normal mode at first, then i stepped it up to hard because it said it was for seasoned players. I hate it when games have various modes but don’t give you an idea of what you may miss out on if you don’t play the most extreme ones.

Keeping players from content you create always struck me as a little odd anyway. I’m of a mind that bonus stuff in harder modes should be items and things that have no plot signifigance. Being kept from the true ending of a game because I have other priorities really irks me. Kingdom Hearts is one of those kinds of games. You get more ending if certain conditions are met. I assume that’s true for KH2 as well. I’ve never finished 2.

I’m only guessing that FE gives you something more for playing hard mode. It may well be that there are no differences, but I have no confirmation of this. In any case the soft reset is getting the workout that normal mode wasn’t giving it.

The thing about the normal mode description is that it sounds like easy mode. It should be described as the base version of the game. That’s what normal means. Instead it implies that normal is the baby mode for pantshitting todlers. Not cool Nintendo. Playing on my emotions that way. Trying to extend play time by making me struggle. I have a life outside games. It’s a very sad life, but it is a life. Why you make me work so hard for my fun? T^T

I got some present money and noticed that Mass Effect 3 has come down to greatest hits price range. So I ordered it. A game that I intended to play when it was released… It just wasn’t in the cards. So now I come late to the party again. At least I’ll have all the DLC available from the off, I assume.

I’ve been mostly unspoiled as far as the new ending goes, and without context I couldnt make much sense of the first one anyway. The journey is the thing really.

I don’t know if I’ll even start on it right away. Depends on how frustrating FE is. I havent restarted Paper Mario either. Honestly, it’s such a lackluster game by comparison it’ll probably be a long time before I go back to it… I also haven’t finished Skylanders Giants, but I’ve been waiting to get the last character. I guess they haven’t released another wave with the one I need in it. Of course, as I said, I’m busy anyway…