1041 Kobayashi Maru.


This is one of those titles that, as a nerd, it’s hard to believe I haven’t used before. In point of fact I hear this phrase so much I’m kind of sick of it in real life. Kobayashi Maru is one of those phrases that has crossed over into the mainstream enough that people will fling it out when they want some nerd cred, but don’t actually give two shits about Star Trek. It has become one of those Big Bang Theory kind of phrases. Having never actually seen an episode of BBT I can only guess that they’ve used it. I only invoke BBT because it strikes me as the kind of show that courts nerds while actually laughing at them rather than with them. At the very least they walk the line and, in their defense, nerds need to be laughed at. If you don’t constantly laugh at them and/or bully them they will grow up thinking fedoras are acceptable headware for any occasion with any ensemble. HATS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Anyway, some other phrases/concepts that have crossed into this territory are Schrodinger’s Cat, the Eye Of Sauron… I’m sure there must be more, but I’m too distracted to think of them. Any suggestions for the list?

People have been posting a lot of toy fair stuff recently. I haven’t followed that stuff for a long time, but now I follow people that do so it’s like this weird window on a past version of myself.

My Transformer collecting has slowed to almost nothing. My goal, if you want to call it that, is to have a decent version of the primary cartoon characters from Generation 1. Ideally they’ll be more or less to scale with one another. The problem has been, and continues to be, that Hasbro never does one style long enough to complete even the original cast. Even then actually finding the toys in question is a massive hassle. Out here they stopped restocking Transformes even before Christmas. Just quit outright. at both of the locations I “frequent”. One of them had a box of the new Fall Of Cybertron guys and that’s it. I didn’t want any of those guys either. The only thing they keep getting are tons of these little Battle Beast looking Bot Shot things. They are always fully stocked, and I can’t tell if they’re actually selling any.

Transformers isn’t the only brand that I’ve seen this with Star Wars sells so poorly they still have stacks of the ones from the rereleases of Episode 1. It’s really sad. I think I’m starting to bond with some of the pegwarmers…